Unified DevOps Platform

Simplify DevOps Chaos & Management to save your team's time, effort and cloud costs!

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Simplify DevOps Management and Save Cloud Costs

With pre-built pipelines and connectors, remove the need for internal scripts and increase speed by 200% 🚀

A unified DevOps platform

Single automated control pane to control and manage your cloud as per your organisational needs

A unified platform

Prevent Cloud Misconfigurations

Prevent Cloud Misconfigurations and Security Vulnerabilities before they reach your cloud infrastructure

True Shift-Left

Unlock 10x DevOps Productivity

Unlock developer productivity. Release core products faster

Skyrocket Productivity

Cloud RBAC

Dedicated roles with micro permissions

Command Center

Pre-defined and custom rules for cloud resources


Rollbacks, ephimeral services, schedule deployments


Approval based cloud resource updates

Audit Logs

Audit cloud resource usage and access

Threat Detection

Vulnerability analysis and auto-fixes

Platform that saves your time & effort

Streamline all DevOps processes, policies and security checks under a single connected-layer

Gravity Cloud Overview

Automated cost management and savings upto 50%

Gravity Cloud's intelligent system implements provisioning strategy to save costs by default

Gravity Cloud Overview

What customers are saying

Gravity Cloud enables us to launch and replicate k8s infrastructure across multi-regions on AWS without worrying about scripts.
Replace your Terraform

Increase Productivity & save Costs

Increase DevOps efficiency, cloud security and compliance with Gravity Cloud today!